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Phonics Mantra educates and advances Jolly Phonics approach and helps children, public speakers, teachers and entrepreneurs to read, spell and speak well in English. At Phonics Mantra, we give focused (core) phonics knowledge that focuses on practical uses for both learners and teachers. Well natured communication skills is a pillar for personal growth and career development. Phonics Mantra Center for children is based in Pune while Teacher Training Workshops are conducted across the globe. 

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Phonics Mantra

Pre-primary & Primary

We give advisory services to schools who wish to execute Jolly Phonics. We make a follow up to ensure the program is followed efficiently. Read more>>

Corporates & Entrepreneurs

We conduct corporate training sessions, workshops at premises for corporates. Read more>>

Individuals & Students

We also offer specialized training to Individual students with specific needs in communication skills. Read more>>

What is Phonics

Phonics is a technique for teaching, reading from recognizing the sounds that letters make. What's more, it very well may be utilized by children of all ages, capacity, or financial background.

Our Approach to Phonics

Phonics Mantra Learn to read Kit does basically everything for you… Both you and your kid essentially begin in the exercise manual and let it direct you to every particular movement, regardless of whether video or book, perplex or advanced amusement.

Why use Phonics

Most of the time we see similar thing: Recognizing words is a one of the most difficult factors of early reading and later success. Phonics essentially enables children to recognize words.

How the Program Works

Every one of the four grades underneath has two sections to help and afterward challenge your young reader… So your child can go all the way from simply learning the alphabet to reading with full, total confidence.

Jolly Phonics Workshops

Join us at one of our workshops, tailor-made for principals, teachers, English academic planners, school curriculum planners, parents and all those who want to develop their language skills and have passion to teach children or start their own classes

What parents Say

Parents, teachers and students have been the main pillar of the success of Phonics Mantra. We are always overwhelmed by the positive response and feedback that our clients give. This has kept Phonics Mantra on its toes to deliver the best quality training.

We are proud parents of Rugved, who is learning Phonics under Ms. Ritu's guidance since last year. We are extremely happy with the way Ms. Ritu takes interest in guiding and teaching phonics to students with varied techniques. We want to express sincere gratitude toward Ms.Ritu, without whom Rugved would be at the as good in Spoken English as he is now.
-Rugved's Parents
Such detailed guidance has helped Ananya to understand the basic concepts which are foundation for fluent English. We are glad to have brought him to Phonics Mantra. We can see Ananya becoming more confident while communicating in English. We would like to thank Ms.Ritu for the dedicated efforts in grooming the children.
-Ananya's Parents
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