Jolly Phonics Awareness Workshop (Kolhapur -2018)

Jolly Phonics Awareness Workshop (Kolhapur -2018)

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This Jolly phonics  Awareness Workshop will help Teachers and parents to know more about the methodologies and history of Jolly phonics and how its changing the communication landscape. This intensive  workshop is conducted in 2 hours, with refreshments.

This awareness workshop includes:

  1. Jolly phonics and its history.
  2. How can Jolly Phonics help parents and teachers?
  3. How can Jolly phonics increase the growth in reading?
  4. Levels of kids at a young age.
  5. How can Jolly phonics help struggling kids in reading and spelling?
  6. Importance of Jolly phonics and related research.
  7. How can Jolly Phonics be included and implemented in school curriculum successfully?
  8. How can Jolly Phonics help Dyslexia Kids to read and spell confidently?
  9. Jolly Phonics importance and efficient implementation.
  10. Fantastic, systematic, Fun filled UK method of learning English

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