Jolly Phonics Global Conference London 2019

We are glad that our founder Ritu Verma was invited for the conference in London this year. The much awaited Jolly English programme got launched at the conference. Training was conducted by Tessa Hackworth( Author) highlighting the need of the hour in early child hood education. Phonics Mantra takes pride in being the first in starting this wonderful Jolly Phonics programme in Pune City. At the conference, lots of new ideas, methodologies and tips were shared by highly experienced global trainers. The three pillars of Jolly Phonics, Sue Lloyd, Sara Wernham and Christopher Jolly were excited to have people from around the globe gather to be guided with the best Phonics and grammar practices through the programme. Phonics Mantra is all set for pupil and teacher trainings as we start implementing new techniques from the conference.

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