Bad Handwriting and/or Slow Speed

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Bad Handwriting and/or Slow Speed

Importance of identifying the root cause for bad handwriting or slow speed among children?

There was an incident that shook to the core of my heart when I came across a pupil badly struggling with handwriting issues.

After interacting with parents and listening to their various concerns and complaints about their child, I came to a conclusion about what strategy I have to use to help him improve in his handwriting and yes towards his behaviour too.

Many of the times we unknowingly neglect to observe as to why my child is running away to write in school or even at home.

If a child is already struggling in handwriting, will more practice make him improve??? Will, it not be a punishment for the child to write and write and write in pain????

Answer to this is surely…. a big YES!

Then what’s the solution?

We need to find out after good observation and communication with the child and give him enough fine motor exercises to strengthen his muscles so that they help him to write. There are also numerous ways to improve the tripod grip to improve his pencil hold. There are several other aspects take care of and improved for the child. And then comes the part of improving his handwriting strokes which is now a piece of a cake for him. He finally starts enjoying to write without tears.

What more can a teacher ask for?

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