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Our Mission

“To be a world leader in creating quality educational programmers that accelerate learning so all children achieve their potential for a brighter future.”

Our Vision

“To give the most captivating and powerful instructive projects that empower extraordinary accomplishment for all.”

Systematic Synthetic Phonics Jolly learning Center

“Phonics Mantra provides tailor made batches for all levels

Phonics Mantra

Who We Are

PHONICS MANTRA is the only literacy centre in Pune West, providing Internationally recognized and worldwide accepted UK method of Phonics. The center started in the year 2014 with a vision to provide quality education with International standards and introducing innovative methods of learning English Language. Children are not only made confident in reading and writing English but also several activities are taken to make them self-confident speakers too.

Reading Phonics technique is an amazing interchange to rote learning, where the youngsters retain by repetition. Kids handle English Language easily, when they read in English as well as think and impart in English.

Phonics Mantra Who We Are

The Founder

Ms. Ritu (Poonam) Verma

Ritu Verma is the Cambridge University Press Resource Person for Phonics and she is an accredited Jolly Phonics professional trainer for India and abroad. She graduated with Honors in Zoology Science and was a post graduate in computer Management. She then received Montessori training and has worked in Kindergarten for more than a decade, as a teacher and curriculum planner. She has been teaching with Jolly Phonics since 2014 and has also supported more than 300 teachers in and around Pune by sharing her Jolly Phonics experiences with them..


The Phonics Mantra Founder Ritu Verma

Ritu runs ‘Phonics Mantra’, a literacy centre for learning phonics and grammar. As she strongly believes in the Jolly Phonics and Grammar methodology, this is the primary teaching method used at Phonics Mantra. Ritu has seen the multi-sensory programme working in a wonderful and effective way for every child. She was amazed to see the struggling children and even children with Dyslexia become confident in their reading and writing over a short span of time. The programme brings immense joy to both teachers and students, seeing the results of acquiring confidence and ability to read and write.

Ritu can offer teachers, individuals, schools and training institutes the guidance in learning the fantastic Jolly Phonics method and effectively use this in their annual school curriculum.

Ms. Sue Lloyd

 Ms. Ritu Verma with Ms. Sue Lloyd; the founder of the synthetic-phonics method of teaching and co-author of Jolly Phonics. Read More

Ms. Ritu Verma with Ms. Sue Lloyd
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