Jolly learning Methodology

Our curriculum is based on synthetic, multi sensory, fun and scientifically phonic based English Methodology started by Jolly Learning Ltd,UK. Several International books are also referred while designing the curriculum .

Our Jolly Phonics Courses

The courses are designed for the children between  4  to 10 years of age. There are regular and fast track courses designed as per the child’s age and learning skills.

Curriculum Phonics Beginners

Jolly phonics Beginners

This is designed for children between 4 to 5 years of age in lower /Junior kindergarten. In this course basic 42 sounds are taught which progresses to further blending.

Phonics Readers

 This course is designed for children between 5 to 6 years of age in Upper /Senior kindergarten. In this letter sounds along with alternatives gradually progressing to blending and segmenting. Reading and writing sentences is taught thus leading children to perfection.

Curriculum Phonics Readers
Phonics Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Kids often struggle for writing skills in schools. Even after being confident in reading and speaking they still lack in writing skills.This course is specially made to enhance vocabulary and improving thinking skills of children. It is systematically planned syllabus makes children confident for creative writing skills too.

jolly Phonics Masters (Grammar)

  1. Masters 1: This course is designed for the children between 6 to 7 years of age. Foundation of Grammar is made strong by taking lot of practice. Comprehension skills, paragraph writing , vocabulary enrichment, memory booster games and many other activities are taken in this course.
  2. Masters 2: This course is designed for the children between 7 to 8 years of age . It’s the next progressing level of children from Basic Grammar to one step advanced level. It also includes various reading and comprehension skills and so on.
Phonics Grammar Masters

Masters (Higher Levels)

  1. Masters 3: This course is designed for the children between 8 to 9 years of age. At each progressive level phonics and grammar are taught to the higher level. This level is an intermediary level that prepares the learner’s reading and listening ability.
  2. Masters 4 & 5: These are custom crafted master classes to children between 9 to 10 and 10 to 11 years of age respectively. The spelling lessons not only teach many new spelling patterns, but further extend the children’s knowledge of multisyllabic words. Phonics Mantra carries out regular activities to ensure that the children are not only able to spell these words correctly , but also understand the words’ meanings and use them in context .Grammar lessons continues to refine and expand the existing knowledge of children.
Phonics Mantra offers different courses, that are crafted with expertise, to help the reading and writing skills with a special focus on grammar.
Children from Readers level at Phonics mantra, are provided with various books and videos to enhance their skills. This helps in speed reading.
At Phonics Mantra, Several story telling sessions are taken in Beginners and Readers course to make better communication skills. Practicle methodologies are used.

Jolly Learning for Communication

“Phonics Mantra provides tailor made batches for all levels”
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